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Imagine knowing for certain that the plants you nursed for the past four plus months will produce the best flowers you have ever grown; in terms of size, smell, taste, look and potency. That’s the power of FourBudz. With our unique 4 channel spectrum and intensity control system you will be able to use the power of light spectrum, the most influential factor in indoor growing, to manage your plant growth and harvests like never before. Don’t settle for less than the best buds- get a FourBudz grow kit and start feeling proud to show off your plants to your friends.


  • ONE 4BUDZ 3x3x6.5' mylar grow tent
  • ONE pro3 LED 640 watt grow light
  • ONE year manufacturers warranty on both tent and light fixture



  • Fully customizable spectrum and intensity controls for every stage of cannabis plant growth [VEG/BLOOM pre-sets included] (Click here and read our CUSTOM CANNABIS SPECTRUM & GROWTH GUIDE to learn more on the benefits of a custom spectrum for cannabis growth)
  • ETL safety certified with digital display check to let growers know if fans falter, eliminating potential LED chip burnout
  • Super efficient operation consumes less than half the electricity of HID/HPS lighting
  • LED magnifying lens amplifies light for deep plant canopy penetration
  • Digital display and remote control operation
  • Super quiet operation at 47dB


  • Viewing Window
  • Tool Pocket
  • 'Easy Lock' stainless steel metal framing
  • 600D marine grade high durability WATERPROOF polyester fabric exterior
  • 95% reflective Mylar interior