The Benefits Of The Pro3 Custom Spectrum


Cannabis requires a different spectrum of light for each stage of growth in order to provide optimal yields and flavonoid/terpene/cannabinoid density. These three compounds are responsible for taste, smell, look, flavour and potency. The reality is that while UV and far blue spectrum light is necessary to create higher levels of these secondary compounds during the flowering stage, it also causes a reduction in overall yields as red and far red light is most important during this stage of growth. The result is a ‘trade-off’ most growers face between either high yields and fat buds, or high potency, resin and oils.


The sole reason why growers have to deal with this yield-vs.-cannabinoid/flavonoid/terpene trade-off is the nature of how grow lights are made. They either have one single spectrum option, or switches for vegetative and flowering mode. The single spectrum option is problematic because it either stretches plants during the vegetative stage due to too much red spectrum light, or has too much blue light limiting yield potential during flowering. While grow lights with veg and bloom switches fix this issue, the fact remains that it still forces growers into the light spectrum “trade-off” because they do not separate UV and blue light, and often do not even include UVB light spectrum.


The solution to both the trade off and the conundrum is FourBudz pro series grow lights. Pro series lights come equipped with UVB light that the majority of grow lights do not have, and 4 customizable intensity dimming channels that allow growers to control deep red, red, blue and UVA/UVB/white separately. The spectrum “trade-off” is no longer an issue because UV and white light have separate controls than mid-range blue light. This gives growers the ability to boost cannabinoid, flavonoid and terpene production with UV light during the late stages of flowering while limiting mid-range blue spectrum light that can slow flower growth and limit yield potential.

The brochure below will break down what effect each spectrum range of light has on cannabis plant growth, and how the FourBudz pro3 caters to the growers goal for each stage of plant growth.