pro3 LED Plant Grow Light [640W]

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Imagine knowing for certain that the plants you nursed for the past four plus months will produce the best flowers you have ever grown; in terms of size, smell, taste, look and potency. That’s the power of FourBudz. With our unique 4 channel spectrum and intensity control system you will be able to use the power of light spectrum, the most influential factor in indoor growing, to manage your plant growth and harvests like never before. Don’t settle for less than the best buds- get a FourBudz grow kit and start feeling proud to show off your plants to your friends.

Download FourBudz pro3 LED Grow Light Manual Download FourBudz pro3 LED Grow Light Spectrum Guide
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE SPECTRUM AND INTENSITY CONTROLS, allows for optimal spectrum during seedling, vegetative, pre-flowering, flowering and ripening stages of cannabis plant growth. Click here to read our CUSTOM CANNABIS SPECTRUM & GROWTH GUIDE and learn more.
  • ADVANCED FULL SPECTRUM BAND designed for all stages of plant growth, from Ultraviolet to Infrared
  • ETL CERTIFIED in the United States and Canada, with UL listed internal wiring and driver components
  • NEW DIGITAL DISPLAY shows custom spectrum, and alerts if cooling system fails avoiding LED burn out.
  • CRYSTAL DESIGN MAGNIFYING LENS focuses light beam and angle to amplify power and optimize efficiency
  • SUPERIOR 5W DOUBLE-CHIP TECHNOLOGY from leading manufacturers Edison, Epistar, Semiled & Bridgelux
  • REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION & option to upgrade controls to phone app
  • LESS THAN HALF THE POWER CONSUMPTION OF 600W HPS equivalent, emits 640W @ recommended 3x3 foot coverage
  • LARGE ALUMINIM HEAT SINKS for LED chips & driver, backed by 2 ultra quiet PWM controlled cooling fans
  • ONE YEAR MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY against defects in craftsmanship and a 30 day money back guarantee



Power Draw 180~200w 
Output Wattage 640w
HPS Wattage Equivalent 600w
LED Source 64 pcs x 5w double-chip
LED Chip Make Epistar, Bridgelux, Semiled, Edison
Spectrum Modes CUSTOM, Vegetative, Bloom, Full

Light Array

*all 5w double chip*

22 pcs Red

16 pcs Deep Red

2 pcs Infrared

4 pcs Warm White

4 pcs Cool White

4 pcs Blue

10 pcs Royal Blue

2 pcs UV

Coverage Area

up to 5.6 x 5.6 foot, or 170cm x 170cm

Recommended coverage for cannabis 3x3 square feet

Operation Remote Control; Wifi iOS/Android app upgrade compatible
Beam Angle 90°
Light Magnifying Lens Yes
Driver Mean Well
Fan Dual fans; PWM controlled 
Heat Sink Aluminum; 3.0 mm 
Noise Level ~45 dB
Channels 4; adjustable custom intensity
Working Temperature -25°C to 55°C
Working Humidity 0-60%
Input Voltage 110V or 220V (please request 220V in notes at checkout)
Current Input 900mA
Frequency 50-60Hz
Certifications ETL; CE; RoHS; UL listed wiring